Inquiry From a MoneyGram Agent

I recently received the following inquiry from a reader who apparently already has a MoneyGram agency in India, and wants to know if this website offers a different money transfer service. amit zinzuwadia wrote:  sir, i am having moneygram agency in india want to became an agent pls send me more details for ur co.


Amit, as I understand it, you are not asking how to become a MoneyGram agent, as you are already a MoneyGram agent, correct?

This website,, is an informational website. We are not a money transfer service. We provide analysis and reviews of new and established money sending services, including MoneyGram, Western Union, and many others.

We also write original articles about remittances, such as the different services that people use to send remittances back to their home countries, and trends in the remittance industry.

MoneyGram Agency Sign
Sign in the window of a MoneyGram agency

For those who might be interested in becoming MoneyGram agents, you can check their website here to contact MoneyGram and express your interest:

MoneyGram:  become an agent.

According to my understanding, MoneyGram provides all the equipment and training needed for those wanting to become agents, assuming they qualify.

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