Send Money to Mobile Phones as Top-Up Credit

By Mohammed Waseem

Sending money to mobile phones is among the latest technologies being adopted all over the world. This usually happens in two ways and money can be transferred to any part of the world in seconds. The first way if transfer to mobile wallets and the second is transfer directly as prepaid credit. This article discusses a service which enables users to transfer money to mobile phones in over 100 countries.

The service is called ezetop, which is headquartered in Miami, Ireland and has regional offices in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Apart from sending money, the company also offers credit for cheap international calls. The services are available through ezetop website, few white label websites and a range of smartphone apps. International call facility is currently available only from the USA.

ezetop topupUsers can instantly top-up any number in the supported countries, either online with Master Card and Visa cards or from any of the over 450,000 retail locations across 20 countries. Here is the list of countries supported. The user chooses how much to send and is informed how much the recipient receives. They charge a fee for every transfer and an additional charge for an SMS message, which is optional. Users can also add numbers to their ezetop contact list for ease.

In order to be able to send top-up, user has to register for an account and add a card to the account. Other than this, top-up can be sent from any of the supported retail locations.

Ezetop makes money from the fee they charge. The exchange rate they offer seems much better than what is prevailing in the market with any service, but that gets covered up with the fee charged.

Ezetop website is the most visited website for international money transfers as mobile top-up and credit has reached over 2.4 billion phones worldwide. With this service, mobile operators around the world reach new global customers and make huge revenues. Ezetop currently has partnered with over 213 mobile phone operators to deliver their service and looks to expand in the near future. An example of their efforts is their recent partnership with a Saudi Arabian bank, Al Rajhi Bank which would reach millions of customers across the country with over 27000 point of sales, 3300 ATMs and 500 branches. This will be a huge success as the country has over 7 million expatriates working there, with families in their home countries.

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