Question from a Reader: MoneyGram to Ghana, Africa


Barney L. McDaniel wrote:
I need to know the cost for money gram to Ghana West Africa.


Barney, it depends on where you are sending from, and how much you are sending. You can use the MoneyGram Cost Estimator to get a precise number.

For example, I asked it how much it would cost to send $500 U.S. to Ghana, and I got this:

Exchange Rate 1 USD = 1.689551 GHS
Send Amount
490.01 USD
Receive Amount
827.90 GHS
9.99 USD
Total Cost

500.00 USD

As you can see, MoneyGram’s fee is $9.99, which is taken out of the amount you are sending. If you need for your recipient to get $500, then you will want to add a little extra to pay the money transfer fee.

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