Send Prepaid Mobile Credit to Friends Abroad

By Mohammed Waseem

How do we top up our phones? We use top up cards, do it online, and so on. In this article, I will talk about a new way to send prepaid phone credit to your family and friends.

I think most of us are aware of Rebtel, the VoIP app for Android and iOS. Their business was VoIP, but they decided to expand it and venture into credit transfer. They have launched an app called Sendly, which can be used for transferring credit to over 50 countries. This credit can be used to top up phones, in order to use it for calls, texts and data.

Top up phones with Sendly

Rebtel has over 20 million users all around the world and is one of the most popular VoIP apps. They have relationship with over 60 global mobile operators who charge them a nominal fee for converting the transfers into mobile credit. They in turn charge the customers 12% of the transfer value. This amount is debited to the credit card which has been connected to the app.

All the users need to do is download the Sendly app into their phone or tablet, add the recipient, choose the amount and send money.  The recipient gets a receipt notification and then this amount can be converted into mobile credit and used as they like. This service is available in over 50 countries since launch and Rebtel claims that new counties will be added soon. So, if the “Top Up” icon does not show up next to a friend’s number on your phone, it is because Sendly does not support their country operator yet.

Rebtel launched in 2006 and has been very popular since then. Sendly is a good way to retain customers and even attract new ones. People who use Rebtel are generally those who have travelled away abroad for work, study, etc. They use the app to speak to their family and friends. Sendly would help them connect better with their loved ones. So Sendly found it easy to be accepted by the existing users of Rebtel. New users would join to make use of this service and this would also encourage them to use Rebtel for making calls back home.

Rebtel sees huge potential for this technology and is looking at additional opportunities to venture into, this year.

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