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MTNMMO, Mobile Money Transfer To Africa

By Mohammed Waseem

MFS Africa, an organization that connects money transfer operators, remittance hubs and banks to mobile wallet schemes across Africa operates a money transfer service that enables senders to send money to various African nations. Currently, the supported destination countries are Benin, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Rwanda. They have plans to include more countries soon. The service is called MTNMMO.

The money transferred is instantly delivered to the recipient’s MTN Mobile Money account. This means that the recipient needs to have an MTN connection in order to be able to receive funds. Senders can start sending money by following three steps, which are registration, transfer and payment. In order to use the service, senders need to submit proof of identification in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

MTNMMOHowever, senders can instantly make one transfer without registering; and this transaction is limited to a transfer amount of 100 EUR/CAD/USD/GBP. Once verified, senders can avail all the benefits including higher limits.

Users can register here and upload the relevant documents after making the first transfer. They need to do this only once. To send money later on, senders need to click on ‘New Transfer’ and select the recipient or enter their details anew, and then enter the transfer amount and the payment method before confirming all the details.

After having confirmed the details, senders are redirected to their bank to pay by a bank card. Once the payment is complete, the money is immediately transferred to the recipient’s MTN Mobile Money account. Sender gets a confirmation message with the details and a reference number and the transaction is added to the account history.

At present, only debit cards from Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are supported and no credit cards can be used to pay for the transfer. Recipient can cash out the funds at any MTN Mobile Money agent in the destination country. Transfers to Liberia are free of charge, but transfers to Benin, Ivory Coast and Rwanda are charged a flat fee of 4 GBP from the UK, 5 EUR from the Euro Zone, 6 CAD from Canada and 6 USD from USA.

Send Money To Ghana With Ping Money

By Mohammed Waseem

We know what ping means when we talk about personal messaging, but what if we use it while talking about money transfer? Yes, there is a money transfer service called Ping Money, which enables money transfer to Ghana.

Ping Money is a fast, secure, reliable and convenient money transfer service, which allows customers to transfer money from across the globe to Ghana. They presently operate in the UK and have plans to expand to the US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France and other EU countries. Users can send money from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a Ping Money account, as all transfers happen online.

Ping Money, Transfers to GhanaMoney transfer to Ghana is not easy; there are regulation problems which prevent direct transfers to Ghana. Only a few leading services such as Western Union and few known banks provide the service, but their charges are high. For example, Western Union charges 13.90 GBP for sending 300 GBP, while, Ping Money charges 3.95 GBP for the same amount.

In order to send money, users need to register with Ping Money, enter the transaction amount and confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the recipient can access the money immediately. Ping Money offers 4 different ways to send money. Users can send money from e-wallets, from their bank accounts, through credit cards and through Sofort.

Recipients can receive the money either in their mobile wallets, on their prepaid cards, into their bank accounts or over the counter. The e-wallet service they offer is primarily meant for transferring money to Ghana; it is similar to a bank account, users can save money and send it after they have enough money in the wallet. Funds can be secured in e-wallets through debit cards, bank accounts and Sofort. If the users send money to 2 or a maximum of 3 beneficiaries in one transaction, they can avail a discount on transfer fees.

In addition to this, Ping Money also offers mobile top-up to any mobile network in Ghana and prepaid card service. They have made it easier for Ghanaians to send money back home at a low cost, amidst other services which comparatively charge much higher. And they make the money available immediately, just like a ping.