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Send Mobile Top Up Internationally From UK With Lebara

By Mohammed Waseem

Lebara, a UK based telecommunications company enables users to send money internationally as mobile phone top up credit. Senders can send top up to prepaid users in over 80 countries. They have partnered with over 230 mobile network operators for this purpose. Airtime can be sent using a credit card or a debit card.

This service is an add-on to their other services that include instant money transfer through the agent network of MoneyGram and prepaid card transfers.

LydiaSenders can check the cost of their transfer here and can send airtime from the results screen or from here. They have also provided the list of supported countries and networks for the ease of the sender. All top ups are sent instantly, if the recipient’s number is connected with Lebara. They charge a nominal fee for every transfer. For instance, I checked their fee for sending INR 100 to a mobile number in India. They charge £1 for it, while the exchange rate is INR 102.34 for £1. So the fee is merely INR 2.34, which is just over 2% of the amount.

This works like the online mobile top up providers available locally in many countries. They partner with local operators and provide top up service to the users. The difference here is that the service is international and not all operators in every supported country may be available.

International online top up is ideal for those people who have left their families in their home countries and want to support them by freeing them from the need to top up their phones. The payment gateway is secure and money is transferred instantly, provided the network is supported by Lebara. They also offer cheap international calls and SIM cards for the UK.