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Manage Personal Finance With Bluebird

By Mohammed Waseem

When we talk about personal finance, how about extra personal services such as Roadside Assistance, Purchase Protection and Entertainment Access? All this, apart from the ability to transfer money to and from friends, family and just anyone.

American Express has this product called Bluebird, which comes with many features to support personal finance planning for the users. It is known as the checking and debit alternative. It is a great product to send money between friends and family. In addition, users can put aside, a particular amount to spend in the future for specific purposes; this is done with the SetAside Account.

BluebirdUsers can add funds to their account from their bank accounts. They can also add direct deposit free and they can also add funds using checks using the Mobile Check Deposit. In addition, they can add cash funds from any Walmart checkout register.

Users can also write checks using the service, to pay for various services including rent, doctor’s visit, etc. Four separate family accounts can be setup to manage family expenses; this includes three accounts, which are Teenager account for daily expense allowance, College Student account for stationery and other college expenses and Parent account for quickly send money when needed. Daily spending limits, ATM access authorization and email alerts can be setup easily.

In a nutshell, users can directly deposit funds to their account, add checks or use bank accounts to add funds for managing expenses from one place. The account is free from any credit review and the users get great customer service along with a lot of membership benefits.

Benefits include assistance to drivers at times of car break downs, ability to book for events in advance and so on.

All of this at no additional fee at all; no monthly fee, no activation fee, no deposit fee, etc. Fees maybe applicable for withdrawal, payment and third party cash load packs, apart from Family Account related transactions.

As the product is described, it gives the benefit of banking without all the fees. It is available to all US residents, but some features are not available to users in Virgin Islands. Smartphone users using Android or iOS can download the app from the respective app markets. Registration can be done from here.