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Sending Money With An E-Greeting Card With Send Moola

By Mohammed Waseem

We know that PayPal has many products and solutions but did we know that third parties use their platform to offer their own solutions? Send Moola does exactly that; they present another way to send money and get paid on any Android device. The payments are done on PayPal’s platform, but the application is their own and the solution is offered by them.

Anyone can send money using their PayPal balance or a payment card, just like they do with PayPal. Money can be sent to anyone with a PayPal email address or to anyone as an attachment with e-greeting cards. Anything from paying the Pizza man, paying for flowers and paying businesses is possible with Send Moola through their widgets dedicated for each such service.

Send MoolaSending money is a 5 step process, which is also true for receiving money and for business services. The first step is to choose an image based on the occasion or upload a custom image; the second step involves selection of the service; available services are sending, receiving and accepting cash (for businesses). We are concerned with sending and raising money, so we first choose “Send Money”.

The third step is the creation of a custom widget for sending payment, entering the amount which cannot exceed $1000 per transfer and entering the sender’s and receiver’s PayPal email addresses. The next step is confirming the e-card and the amount, after which a license has to be purchased, which costs 1% plus PayPal fees for 1 year or 2% plus PayPal fees for 6 months (10 widgets/uses allowed) and 3% plus PayPal fee for only 1 widget.

For raising money, similar steps are to be followed, except that the amount need not be entered. The fee for this is $5 for 6 months (only 1 widget) and $7 for 1 year. About accepting payments, I will write elsewhere. The service is good and brings families together but it is quite expensive as it adds PayPal fees along with its own; otherwise, the service is quite interesting.