Two faster ways to send money through SBI, the State Bank of India

State Bank of India branch
State Bank of India branch

Following up on my previous outline of the SBI money transfer process, if you want to send money to India through SBI (The State Bank of India), and you want to do it as quickly and easily as possible, there are a few options that are faster than going down to your local bank and filling out a wire transfer form.

1.┬áSBI Express Remit. SBI offers online money transfers to India through their online Global Link Service –

This is an express remittance service that is done totally online, so you don’t even need to visit your bank. You can do the whole transfer quickly and easily on your home computer, assuming you have internet service. You can transfer money from your account with any U.S. bank. The exchange rate is competitive, and this online transfer method has the lowest service charges of any SBI transfer. The money will take three to five business days to appear in the Indian bank account.

2. SBI Instant Transfer. SBI’s Instant Transfer service is a real time rupee transfer facility offered by the State Bank of India. You must visit your nearest SBI foreign branch office to do the Instant Transfer. Remittances to India takes place instantly and the money is available in the Indian account within few minutes. This is obviously the fastest money transfer option, if you have an SBI branch office in your area and don’t mind taking the time to go there.

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