Mobile Money Transfer Using Western Union

By Mohammed Waseem

Did you know you do not need to visit a Western Union agent anymore to send money? Apart from going online, Western Union has gone mobile. Yes, they now have a money transfer app.

Money can be sent using a debit/credit card from anywhere in the world. The app acts like the users own agent for money transfer to hundreds and thousands of locations, for paying bills, locating agents, track transfers, and more. All you need is a smartphone with this app installed, an account with Western Union and a bank card. If a user is not registered with Western Union, he/she can register at

Western union safe cash transferMobile Money Transfer is already running in 17 countries around the world. Here is a map showing these countries. One will have access to the 515,000 Western Union agents across the globe in over 200 countries, right from their smartphone. Funds can be sent and received in three different ways.

Cash can be sent from any of the agent locations to a mobile number from participating countries. Money can also be sent from a mobile phone to be received at any of the agent locations. Apart from these, transfers can be done from mobile phones to other mobile phones from participating countries. Western Union calls these: Cash to Mobile, Mobile to Cash and Mobile to Mobile transfers.

Money can also be sent directly to mobile wallets in select countries, where Western Union has tied up with mobile phone operators. To mention a few, they have tied up with Roshan M-Paisa in Afghanistan, Tigo in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Safaricom M-Pesa in Kenya and Globe GCash and Smart Money in Philippines.

To send money to a mobile wallet, one must make sure the receiver has a mobile wallet and review operators accepted by Western Union. One must provide the receiver’s mobile number for sending the money, after which SMS notification is sent to the receiver, as well as the sender. Money can be sent to a mobile wallet wither online or from an agent location.

I won’t be surprised if Western Union has its own mobile wallet in the near future, which would be used for making purchases, make money transfers and much more, right from a smartphone or a tablet.

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