Money Transfer On-The-Go With The Xoom App

By Mohammed Waseem

Xoom Corporation is quite well known among the residents of the US who transfer money internationally. They have amazing offerings, great customer support and in some countries to some banks, they transfer money instantly within seconds. They recently acquired Bluekite for offering cross-border bill payment service. Now, they have come up with ‘on-the-go money transfer service’.

Xoom launched their mobile app in last July for enabling international money transfer through smartphones. The app is available for iOS as well as Android. The app allows Xoom customers to quickly send money to a recipient in one tap or one swipe. The technique is called ‘slide to send’ which allows a transaction to complete in seconds. The app also provides real-time transfer status, wherever the user is.

Xoom Mobile AppThe Xoom App also has features such as fee calculator, exchange rate calculator, customer service contact and so on. Once a user downloads the app and logs in, all the existing recipients that he/she has added would be displayed and money can be transferred right then. With this app, money can be sent to more than 30 countries worldwide, which is also the case for online money transfers. If the users do not want to download the app, they can still use the ‘on-the-go transfer service’. All they need to do is access Xoom Mobile Site from their mobile browser and login.

So, anyone in the US can use this app to send money to over 30 countries including Latin America, the Philippines, India, Australia and South Africa. If a user has not signed up for an account with Xoom yet, this form can be used to get an account with them and for setting up recipients after logging in.

The app is simple to use and very convenient to use. It is a great addition to Xoom’s products and offerings, as well as a step towards keeping up with the increasing demands and expectations of customers.

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